Triangle Baby Quilt 2.0

I made another baby quilt featuring triangles this week.  I love using triangles because they are so quick to sew up!  A friend requested a baby quilt to give as a gift, and she had seen my other quilt from January.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t a huge fan of the color scheme: neutrals.  Apparently the baby’s room will be gray and white, so my friend wanted a neutral quilt.  I may have stretched the neutrals just a bit,  so that I could stay excited about the project.

The baby is a boy, so I added in some blue triangles for interest.  I had already decided to use these colors, and then I gained further inspiration from Red Pepper Quilts with a quilt she made awhile back.  I loved how she created diamonds with the low volume fabrics, so I tried to mimic that with mine.

I am happy to say that almost all of these fabrics were pulled from stash.  I did have to buy a little Kona for the light blue, and I may have purchased the black and white chevrons during that same trip.  It felt good to use up what I already had, instead of spending more!!  My friend and I both work with animals, so I knew she would appreciate my adding a few animals into the quilt.  I had three Cotton and Steel fabrics on hand from their Black and White collections, which I think fit in perfectly.

For the back, I chose a minky dot fabric from JoAnn’s.  This is my “go-to” for baby quilts, and I always try to use a coupon when I buy it.  The binding is hard to see in the photos, but it is scrappy, made up entirely of fabrics from my scrap bin!  Yay!!

I followed the lines of the triangles for quilting, except I did not include the bases.  I like that it continues the same diamond effect on the back that I was going for with the low volume prints.

My friend was super pleased with the final product and in the end, so was I.  I have so many plans for quilts, but I still fall back on things I know how to do.  I really need to branch out a bit more.

8 thoughts on “Triangle Baby Quilt 2.0

  1. Love this quilt. Love the colors (she needs a little pop in that nursery 🙂 I was also grateful to hear about the minky. I’ve thought that is probably a good option for baby quilts. Do you like what Joann sells? Does it shed too much? Thanks in advance.

    • jeanmarie says:

      Hi Linda! Thanks for reading! I actually really like the JoAnn’s minky dot. I have not used any of the other minky fabrics they carry, so I can only speak for the dots. I have not had any issues with shedding at all! If you look back to my other baby quilt in January, I used a different minky because I wanted it to be a print. That one shed like crazy!!! The JoAnn’s minky may not be as luxurious as others on the market, but I think it is just right. 🙂

  2. Hi Jeanmarie,
    (What a pretty name!) I love this triangle baby quilt. It is funny that you say these are so easy to make – I have never made one, and they look difficult to me. My go-to baby quilt is always a nine-patch . . . I need to break out of my comfort zone into your area sometime. ~smile~

    • jeanmarie says:

      Thank you, Roseanne! I took an online class with Rachel from Stitched in Color. It was all about sewing triangles and diamonds. I highly recommend it if she has the class again! They seem intimidating but they really are not!!! Go for it!!

  3. Love the baby quilt! I am inspired to go for those triangles. I have also used the minky dot from Joann and I really like it but wondered about batting, use it or not? Do you use a thin batting?

    • jeanmarie says:

      Hi Dona! I do still use a batting. I usually use Warm and Natural, so a thin-ish cotton.

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