week 5

Sunrise Saddlebag

I made a new quilt block pattern this week and then incorporated it into a brand new bag pattern!

This week, Mister Domestic released this free quilt block as part of Aurifil’s Designer of the Month series.  He is known for his fabric weaving (which I love), but this pattern is actually all pieced, so that it looks woven…hence the name: Faux Weave Block!    I was really drawn to it and made the block right away.  (Also, he commented on my Instagram post, which totally made my day!!)

 The block is not perfect and there are some wonky areas.  The strips are realllllly thin, so it was a challenge to keep things straight.  I think I would like to make a bunch of these blocks and create a quilt eventually.

This week though, I decided it needed to be the front of a bag.  Erin, from Dog Under My Desk, released a new pattern last week called the Sunrise Saddlebag.  I thought the flap on the bag would be perfect for my quilt block.  I had to enlarge the size of the bag pattern to about 120%, but it ended up exactly how I envisioned.

The exterior is Essex linen and the lining fabric is Monaluna, both from my stash.  The navy and white were scrap fabrics that I had laying around.  It seemed like it was meant to be!


The bag was simple to construct, with clear instructions and lots of pictures just as Erin has with all of her patterns.  Because I enlarged it, I did mess up the closure a bit.  I should have placed the snap a bit lower down on the body of the bag.  The flap sits at a weird spot when it is closed with the snap.  Right now, I am just letting the flap lay naturally over the bag.  I’ll remember in the future if I enlarge the bag.