week 5

Gypsy Wife Progress

So far I have kept up with the weekly blocks for the Gypsy Wife Quilt sew a long, hosted by GnomeAngel (of course, it’s only been 3 weeks….).  I have no specific plan for this quilt at all! I am picking fabrics just based on my mood at the time I make the block.  This could be bad or it could end up being a really great quilt….time will tell, I suppose.  I am mostly using Cotton and Steel Basics (from a kit by PinkDoor Fabrics) and the new Alison Glass Chrome collection (from Oh Sew Modern Fabric Shop).

I am having a bit of trouble following the pattern, probably because of my inexperience.  The written pattern does half square triangles by cutting actual triangles and sewing them together.  This is different than how I taught myself to do them, so I am frustrated.  GnomeAngel has graciously given alternate directions using the HST method I am used to, but my brain is also having trouble with her instructions because she does not want to give too much information about what is in the original pattern, such as specific cutting measurements.  I totally understand that.  It would be inconsiderate to offer the exact measurements to someone that hasn’t purchased the original pattern.  However, I ended up cutting and re-cutting my fabric because I kept misinterpreting her instructions.  Obviously, that is my own fault, but I was so frustrated with the last block, I almost quit!  I could not understand the alternate cutting instructions completely and then I was too grumpy to try to understand the original pattern.  Time to take a break!!!  In the end, I am up to date on the blocks and I started on some filler blocks as well.  35(!!!) filler blocks will be needed in the near future, so I thought I better get ahead on those.  I probably will not be able to keep up with the weekly blocks for the next several weeks due to work requirements, so I will have a whirlwind finish at the end, I suppose!