Tudor Bag

I had a special request recently to make a bag for someone to give as a gift.  I gave them a few options and they ultimately decided on the Tudor Bag by Sew Sweetness.  I had made this bag once before, but did not make the outer zip pocket.

For this project, I used Essex linen for the majority of the exterior.  This was my first time using this fabric and I enjoyed it.  I already have another project in the queue using it!  The front of the bag features a piece
of an Alison Glass panel that fit perfectly in the space between the bag handles.  The handles are quilting cotton but the black accents at the bottom of the bag are cork.  I’ve mentioned before, I love using cork, especially for accents.  Sew Sweetness also sells cork on her site in so many great colors.

Because this was my second one, things went together fairly easily.  The outer zipper pocket gave me a little trouble because of the placket for the zipper.  Somehow I messed up the dimensions of this and it did not come out exactly right.   As you can see from the picture, the zipper is just weird looking.  It is supposed to span the length of the placket, but I miscalculated something along the way.  I don’t love how it turned out, but the recipient was happy so I will try not to worry about it.

I had one interesting thing happen during the process that I thought I would share.  After installing the zipper pocket, stitching on the handles and sewing up 3 of the 4 sides of the bag, I discovered a little problem:

This photo shows the zipper pocket that I ingeniously sewed into the seam of the handles.  So basically I didn’t notice that I had done this until I was sewing up the final side of the bag, just ready to flip it right side out.  It was not as easy to fix as I thought because I had to rip out the stitches shown above, but in order to re-sew the handle securely, I had to rip out another side seam.  Otherwise, I would not be able to get to the handle easily.  Anyway, not a huge deal in the long run but definitely one of those times that you look up to heaven and sigh before reaching for the seam ripper!

In the end, I like this bag, even with the zipper ickiness.  I’ll be ready next time (or at least make some better measurements).