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Triangle Baby Quilt 2.0

I made another baby quilt featuring triangles this week.  I love using triangles because they are so quick to sew up!  A friend requested a baby quilt to give as a gift, and she had seen my other quilt from January.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t a huge fan of the color scheme: neutrals.  Apparently the baby’s room will be gray and white, so my friend wanted a neutral quilt.  I may have stretched the neutrals just a bit,  so that I could stay excited about the project.

The baby is a boy, so I added in some blue triangles for interest.  I had already decided to use these colors, and then I gained further inspiration from Red Pepper Quilts with a quilt she made awhile back.  I loved how she created diamonds with the low volume fabrics, so I tried to mimic that with mine.

I am happy to say that almost all of these fabrics were pulled from stash.  I did have to buy a little Kona for the light blue, and I may have purchased the black and white chevrons during that same trip.  It felt good to use up what I already had, instead of spending more!!  My friend and I both work with animals, so I knew she would appreciate my adding a few animals into the quilt.  I had three Cotton and Steel fabrics on hand from their Black and White collections, which I think fit in perfectly.

For the back, I chose a minky dot fabric from JoAnn’s.  This is my “go-to” for baby quilts, and I always try to use a coupon when I buy it.  The binding is hard to see in the photos, but it is scrappy, made up entirely of fabrics from my scrap bin!  Yay!!

I followed the lines of the triangles for quilting, except I did not include the bases.  I like that it continues the same diamond effect on the back that I was going for with the low volume prints.

My friend was super pleased with the final product and in the end, so was I.  I have so many plans for quilts, but I still fall back on things I know how to do.  I really need to branch out a bit more.


Triangle Baby Quilt


A friend of mine asked me to make a baby quilt for her nursery-in-progress.  She gave me examples of fabrics that she was already using in the nursery from an online company that sells fabric.  This company also creates bedding and curtains with those fabrics if you request it.  Her preferred colors were navy, gray and pale yellow.  She also told me that she wanted vintage airplanes incorporated into the quilt.

I checked out the website with her custom picked fabrics and decided to purchase one of them, so I knew it would match the rest of the nursery.  That fabric is the small triangle grouping.  After that, it seemed like a triangle quilt was the way to go!

I matched solids to the tiny triangles in the custom fabric and found a sweet little airplane fabric on Etsy.  Unfortunately, pale yellow didn’t make the cut, but I think I made the right decision.

I just want to say….I love triangle quilts!  About two years ago, I took the Angled Class from Rachel at StitchedinColor.  At the time, I was just learning to make quilts, so triangles seemed daunting. (They aren’t!)  I have referenced her e-book from that class several times since then, just to remind myself how best to cut the triangles and piece them.  If she ever has that class again in the future, I highly recommend it 🙂

For the back of this quilt, I found the absolute best minky fabric from Robert Kaufman.  I found it for a terrific price on Etsy at a perfectly cut size, so no piecing was necessary.   This is the first time I have used the RK Cuddle line and I realllly liked it!  It is the softest ever!  Plus those vintage planes fit into the theme so perfectly.  The only downside is that this minky sheds like crazy.  I had little white fuzzies everywhere before the quilt was finally bound.

I’m pretty happy with this quilt and so was my friend.  I never know how big to make a baby quilt.  Everytime I make one, I look online for guidance and find 50 different opinions on the correct size.  I usually just keep adding rows until it seems “right”.  This one ended up about 40″ by 45″.  What’s your favorite size for baby quilts?