Rag Quilt-My first and maybe last….

I was tasked with making a rag quilt for a little girl.  I have a giant problem with saying no, even when it comes to things that I’ve never made before.  Sometimes it works in my favor….sometimes, the project flops.  I’m not sure where this rag quilt fell in that scheme.

I read several tutorials online for rag quilts.  I had no idea the amount of diversity that can be incorporated into these.  I was supposed to be making a blanket that was similar to one the little girl’s brother had.  Based on that, I had already decided to use flannel.  Some tutorials recommended using batting between flannel layers or to use three layers of flannel.  In the end, I decided to only make mine two layers thick.  (Frugality and laziness made this decision.)

This six-year-old loves pink, and cats and dogs.  Those were my only instructions.  Always looking for a good deal, I waited a week or so until JoAnn’s had a sale on their flannel.  I randomly picked out about six different fabrics that mostly coordinated:  four with cats/dogs and two solid pinks.  Because I had no idea how much to get, I only purchased about 1/2 yard of each print and 1 yard each of solids.  I’ll go ahead and tell you now…that wasn’t enough!  (Note to self, let’s start planning out these projects better….)

I opted to make the squares six inches, knowing that they would end up being 5″ squares once they were sewn.  I don’t have a design wall, so I lay out my quilts on the floor, which is super convenient when you have five animals walking around.  (eye roll)  In laying out the pieces, I discovered another trip to JoAnns would be required.  I actually only ended up getting another yard of each of the solids because it seemed 1/2 yard of the four prints was jusssstt enough.

My favorite part is actually the back.  I made a checkerboard pattern with the two shades of pink, instead of keeping it a solid color.   This layout is also the reason I didn’t have enough of the solid fabric to finish the blanket with my first flannel purchase.  I think it was worth a second trip to the store.

After piecing, the quilt needed to be “ragged”.  All the tutorials mentioned the monotony of cutting little strips in the seam allowance and….boy….they weren’t kidding.  I couldn’t wait to be finished.  It was rough for my wrist and probably on my scissors as well.  It was recommended to use spring action rag quilt snips, but I refused to purchase scissors for one project.  If this was something I planned to make more often, perhaps I would change my mind.

These pictures were all taken prior to washing this blanket, which is a good thing.  I HATED this blanket after washing it.  I definitely do not like the look of a rag quilt, it’s just not my thing.  I didn’t take any after pics, so you can’t really appreciate why I didn’t like it.  I found that the flannel pilled, making the blanket look “used”.  That really bothered me.  The “ragged” edges actually looked ok.  I know the idea is a snuggly blanket that looks loved, but again, it’s just not my thing.  Will I make another one? eh….

In the end, the blanket was well received.  She seems to love it and that is all that matters!  What’s your take on rag quilts?  Love them or leave them?