week 5

Gypsy Wife Progress Part 2

Somehow I lost another month….October came and went, and I did not have a chance to work on my Gypsy Wife Quilt at all!!  So I am about 8 weeks behind total on this quilt.   The last three days I have made a block or two a night, to work towards catching up.  Hopefully I can keep up the momentum.


  I have absolutely no color scheme in mind as I make these blocks.  Historically, the quilt is a bit of a mixture of fabrics, so I guess I am keeping with that.  The only thing I have been doing is trying to stick with bright colors for all my blocks.  Originally I started with Cotton and Steel basics and Alison Glass Chrome, but I have started incorporating some other fabrics as I go along.  I have no idea how this is going to end up!

week 5

Late to the party….

So I’m obviously late to the party on blogging, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a few years now.  2017 seemed like the year to follow through. #newyearsresolution

I have been sewing for about three years now and want to share my projects and discoveries as I continue to learn.  Naturally, I gain massive inspiration from other bloggers out there.  Sometimes I have great ideas and my projects are awesome…other times, not so much.  That’s why my “jeanius” is random 🙂  My hope is to inspire others and give some insight on my projects and my process.  I consider myself a minimalist (except for my fabric stash, cough cough).  I try to craft and sew on a budget, and look for ways to save on cost whenever possible.  I plan to share how I stay frugal while crafting.

So, I’m excited for this little adventure!  Let’s “make it sew“!  #startrekgeek