week 5

Memory Pillows (and making memories)

September is quickly starting to get away from me and it’s still early yet!  I have been working a ton at my regular jobs (I currently have four, about to drop down to three) and have had little time for sewing.  My sister asked me to make a handful of memory pillows for her brothers and sisters in-law (10 in total) that lost their father this past year.  I was happy to do it.  Of course, like many things in sewing, I have never done this before, but found a few tutorials online to guide me.  They are actually very simple to make!  I met up with my sister three weeks ago when we drove to Georgia to “meet” President Jimmy Carter (more on that below).  At that time, she gave me the shirts for the pillows.  Seven of the shirts were button down, which was perfect and matched up with the tutorials I read.  The other three were polo shirts and created a little dilemma for me.   I had to figure out the best way to make these pillows and NOT MESS UP!!  These shirts are irreplaceable, so they have to be perfect.

First the button shirts:  Simple to make, cut out the size you need, sew right sides together all the way around and then turn right side out using the buttons.  The buttons work as your opening and closure!


Next the polo shirts:  I decided to make these like a regular throw pillows with an envelope back.  I used a tutorial by CrazyMomQuilts to help me with the back! 🙂


Finally, Jimmy Carter! I encourage everyone to make this trip to Plains, GA.  It is a beautiful little town with a bunch of personality.  Anyone is invited to attend President Carter’s church to hear him teach a Sunday School lesson.  Afterwards, he and Rosalynn allow for pictures.  I am so glad we did this.  When will someone like me ever meet a president?  President Carter was funny and engaging with the crowd, and you would never know he is almost 93!!  After church, we spent a little time in the town.  If we had more time, we would have explored further: the high school that the Carters attended (now a National Park site), as well as his boyhood home and several other sites.  I will say that we stopped long enough to enjoy the most delicious peanut butter ice cream in “downtown” Plains at a store called, Plains Peanuts 🙂